Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Commercial Print Shots

Well, yesterday was exhausting to say the least, but we got a lot of great shots and found a new amazing model to work with. Me and Steve are working hard on the new site as well as beginning to put together some videos from our shoots, so lots to do but well worth it. I will be working on a few retouching tutorials as well as some lighting diagrams and Behind-The-Scenes videos. I hope that most of you that are following this blog will make use of these tips. I know that when I started it was most helpful having this type of information available. We hope to have the website up soon, as the designer and us are working hard to get that up ASAP. Please stay tuned for all the new upcoming stuff that we will be showing and uploading.

H3ctor and St3v3
2SiiCK Images

Picked Up By A Stranger

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2 Siick Images Debuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's up everybody????? We are happy to officially announce our new venture that me and Steve have started. We will be working together as a photography team and offering our services to those who need them. We will still both have personal projects we will be working on, but for the most part you will get both of us. We have been working together for a few months now, to see if this would be a successful venture and it works! We work really well together and are looking forward to bringing to life all the creative madness that runs through our heads. We will be offering photography services and workshops, both landscape and studio lighting for those interested. We will be working out of BeatJunkie Studios in Santa Ana, CA in the heart of Orange County. We hope you guys all come along for the ride and enjoy what we bring to life through our cameras.

We will be working on our website in the next few weeks and hoping to go live before the end of the month. You will find all kinds of information from rates, portfolio, workshop information, etc.

Till then catch you all on the flip side,

Hector and Steve
2 SiiCK Photography

We share with you our first collaboration, it was shot by Steve and edited by Hector.